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    Wine and Beverage Laboratory
    The Wine and Beverage Laboratory occupies an area of 4,000 square feet on the fourth floor. With the design features of European and American tasting rooms, an open floor plan and comprehensive facilities, this Laboratory is an ideal venue for wine and beverage trainings. The Laboratory has 38 work stations in arched layout; each work station is equipped with independent lighting and washing basin and Formica tabletop to meet the professional training needs. In addition to the training for full-time students, the Hospitality department also organises in-service training courses related to wine knowledge and tasting regularly.





    Tourism and Aviation Training Center
    Tourism and Aviation Training Centre is purposely built to cater for the teaching and learning of professional tourism and aviation operation and management. Adopting the airport terminal design concepts, it is a multi-functional workshop that features the following:
    • 1. Boeing 777 Flight Simulator
    • 2. Simulated Air Traffic Control Console
    • 3. Interactive Panels
    • 4. Multi-Function Theatre-Styled Classroom
    • 5. Panoramic Projection System

    The Centre comes with industry-applied software, systems and equipment to offer practical trainings under simulated scenarios. The whole set-up aims to enrich students’ learning and experiences, and enhance their employability in the tourism and aviation sectors.




    Leisure Activity Centre & SPA 702
    The Leisure Activity Centre & SPA 702 is a multi-purpose workshop. Its southeast Asian inspired interior creates a pleasant and tropical ambience, which facilitates the training in Leisure Management. The workshop can either be used as a classroom or a venue for holding recreation activities, such as yoga workshops. It comprises five main areas:
    • 1. Leisure Activity Centre
    • 2. SPA 702
    • 3. Hydrotherapy Zone
    • 4. Hot Bath Zone (Sauna and Steam)
    • 5. V-corner

    The V-corner is a newly added facility for students. Through teaching with the use of online resources and multi-media, students can have a deeper understanding in the latest development in leisure industry. SPA 702 is a training area that simulates the wet area commonly found in spas and clubhouses.




    Integrated Hotel Training Room
    The Integrated Hotel Training Room is a multi-purpose workshop which consists of with a simulated hotel lobby, front desk, executive lounge, suite and laundry room. It helps to familiarise the students with various hotel service procedures including hotel check-in and check-out, hotel guestroom cleaning, laundry room operations, floor cleaning and maintenance. . This training room equipped with electronic whiteboards and projectors can serve as a classroom or a venue for small-scale exhibitions, conferences and meetings.





    The Rendez-vous Restaurant
    Rendez-vous is a multi-functional room that can be used as a training restaurant, a classroom, or a venue for special events. The simulated restaurant environment accompanying with the training kitchen allows students to receive practical training on restaurant operations, primarily for western dining. At the bar counter, students can learn about the craft of cocktail making and enrich their knowledge in wines and other beverages. Members of the ‘Haking Wong Dining Society’ can make reservation to enjoy a dining experience with hospitality provided, and dishes prepared by students; while at the same time students can gain hands-on experience in culinary services.


    Kitchen and Bakery Training Unit

    The Kitchen and Bakery Training Unit is a simulated kitchen for students to learn about the daily operation in western kitchens and pastry and bakery. It can accommodate approximately 35 to 40 students. There are 8 cooking stations in total. Sufficient training space for 5 to 7 students is available at each station





    Multi-purpose Kitchen
    The green practice and concepts have been incorporated into the design of our multi-purpose kitchen with mostly electrical kitchen equipment. There are 6 cooking stations, fully-equipped with a variety of kitchen appliances to accommodate 4 to 6 students. In front of the student cooking stations is the largest cooking station designed for teaching and demonstration, through which the students are able to see how every dish is prepared. Moreover, a Chinese cooking zone is designated for the teaching of Asian cuisine.