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    28 Sep 2018
    2018 Manpower Update Report of
    the Media and Communications Industry

    The Media and Communications Training Board of the Vocational Training Council (VTC) released the 2018 Manpower Update Report of the Media and Communications Industry. The report expected that manpower situation of the industry would remain stable while the advertising and public relation sector would demand more talent. The report also recommended practitioners to equip with social media knowledge and stay current with new technologies.

    A new approach was adopted by the Training Board to collect updated information on manpower situation of the industry. Three focus group meetings participated by industry experts from sectors of journalism, digital / new media, advertising and public relation and media production were conducted between January and April 2018. The information collected in focus group was supplemented by the recruitment information acquired from desk research to gain better understanding on industry’s manpower situation.

    The desk research was conducted during the period of the fourth quarter of 2016 to the third quarter of 2017 and revealed that out of a total of 2,000 recruitment activities recorded, over 70% (about 1,500) were in advertising and public relation sector.

    As most of the media organisations had branched out the digital arm, it was anticipated that the media organisations would further deploy existing manpower from conventional business to online business. The industry would also demand more competent video production or video editing manpower; and more IT professionals for apps development and maintenance.

    According to the report, the industry demands practitioners possessing skill sets of multiple disciplines. Creating social media content that can interact with audience, visualising data to present news story and videography are the most sought after skills by the industry. On the other hand, the advertising and public relation sector had been changing its tactics to running campaigns more flexible in scale and higher in frequency to keep visibility. Advertising and public relation companies were expected to provide timely services and solutions that enable smooth integration of online and offline user experience.

    As technological advancement has greatly impacted the industry, Bianca MA, Chairperson of the VTC Media and Communications Training Board, recommends industry professionals to catch up with new technologies and proactively offer proposal on achieving organisational goal through effective use of technology.

    The Report on the 2018 Manpower Update Report of the Media and Communications Industry has been uploaded at the following hyperlink: http://www.vtc.edu.hk/html/en/about/manpower_survey.html

    The Media and Communications Training Board is one of the 25 training boards under the VTC. The boards conduct regular manpower surveys to collect updated information on the manpower situation of their respective industries to forecast manpower growth, ascertain training demands and formulate proposals to employers, and education and training providers to meet the demands for industry professionals.

    Media Enquiries: 2836 1869