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    Our highly-qualified teaching team possesses solid industry experience. With our unique “Think and Do” approach, our teachers impart balanced academic knowledge and practical know-how required in the actual workplace essential for professional success.

    With the implementation of staff development programmes, teaching staff stay on the pulse of industry developments. Students can learn from their teachers the most up-to-date knowledge and be equipped with competencies for their future development.


    Mr KWAN Shu-ching, Leo

    Department of Business Administration, IVE (Tsing Yi)
    Leo is a firm believer of whole-person developement apart from the acquisition of knowledge and skills. As an amateur marathon runner, Leo encourages students to take part in marathon races to explore their potential and develop their courage to rise above challenges in lives.

    Mr CHAN Po-lung, Prosper

    Student Development Discipline Office
    Prosper champions interactive learning by flexibly applying information technology to enhance student-teacher interaction. By developing an elaborate web-based learning platform, Prosper encourages students to participate in discussions on major learning themes and topical issues. The interactivity among teachers and students fosters students’ analytical and critical thinking capabilities.

    Ms TO Shui-yu, Portia

    Senior Lecturer
    Department of Fashion & Image Design,
    Hong Kong Design Institute
    My most gratifying achievement in teaching is to see my students transformed into professionals who can contribute to the industry. Relating class topics to my industry experience with real-life cases motivates students to learn and develop interest in the design profession.

    Mr YUNG Hong-ming, Terence

    Hong Kong Design Institute
    Terence plays an active role in the development of film-related programmes, focusing on diversified learning experience to develop students’ potential and cultivate their interests. Leveraging on his strong networks with the professional community, Terence integrates the industry’s perspective into course design, offering students practical knowledge relevant to industry requirements.