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HealthTech Centre was established with the support of Health and Life Sciences(HLS) Discipline.

It aims to facilitate the application of health technology in the society and introduce to the industry the latest developments of health technology.

Through the provision of health services, the Centre showcases the application of health technology to the community, provides health information for the public, and offers internship to IVE students.

Our Vision

The Centre aims at providing an environment for

- Students, staff, the elderly and the general public to experience health-centric
- Services and the benefits of health technology
- Students to gain exposure to real-life situations and cases
- Industrial attachment opportunities
- STEM education related to healthcare
- Taster programmes for secondary school students

Our Services

The Centre is to serve the public, especially the elderly in the neighbourhood of Kwai Tsing district,
offering preventive health maintenance and monitoring services to the community.
The Centre is also a training venue to provide healthcare STEM education to secondary school students.

Services provided:
- General Health Service
- Foot Health
- Vision Health
- Elderly Care
- Nutrition Service

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