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    The Language Centre strives to create a lively, relaxing and motivating environment which is conducive to language acquisition. It aims to offer quality teaching in English, Chinese and Putonghua to students and encourage them to learn independently outside classrooms, preparing them for future careers and life-long learning.

    The English module is designed to enhance students' general proficiency in their first year of study. This goal is reflected in the teaching of the four essential skills, namely, reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Students are provided with a good foundation of English to facilitate their learning.

    The modules focus on the teaching of vocational-oriented skills e.g. job search, trade-related correspondence, report writing and presentation skills, etc. Students will be equipped with the necessary skills which increase their competitiveness in the job market and facilitate future career advancement.

    Teachers at the Language Centre adopt a communicative and student-centred approach in their teaching. Students are encouraged to perform various communication tasks in pairs and groups e.g. discussions, role plays, oral presentations, task-based reading and writing practice, etc. At the same time, students are guided to develop a personal and realistic plan for independent learning, which paves the way for pursuing life-long learning.