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Into the Future

In pursuit of quality and excellence in vocational education, VTC has undertaken various new campus infrastructure projects and student development initiatives, your steadfast support can heighten student excellence.

Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi) Chai Wan Campus
Vocational niche degree programmes for work-ready graduates

THEi is a VTC member institution, recently established to offer vocationally-oriented degree programmes with industry attachments in its Faculties of Design, Management and Hospitality, and Science and Technology. Its new campus in Chai Wan due for completion in 2016/17 is housed in a twin-tower building that provides a dynamic and engaging learning environment. Among its distinctive features is a spacious common room on the first floor to encourage exchange of innovative ideas and inspiring discussions among students of diverse academic interests. Another highlight is a large greenhouse, which not only establishes the institute’s ecofriendly credentials, but also offers hands-on learning opportunities for the horticulture and landscape management programmes. The new campus, will occupy a gross floor area of approximately 39,700 square metres.



International Culinary Institute (ICI)
Nurturing internationalised culinary talents

VTC seeks to create a continuous supply of qualified talents to support the sustained growth of the hospitality and tourism sectors in Hong Kong and its neighbouring region.

ICI, a culinary institute complementary to the Chinese Cuisine Training Institute, has been established to provide students with a culinary arts education incorporating East and West, where the diverse cooking and catering techniques of Europe, Mediterranean, South America, the Middle East and Asia are taught. Located in its Pokfulam campus, the institute’s six-storey complex is equipped with a comprehensive array of on-campus facilities, including training kitchens, food and beverage/MICE training workshops, tiered demonstration kitchen, food and science laboratory and research kitchen.  

Due for completion in 2016/17, the new complex will cover a gross floor area of 11,047 square metres, enabling ICI to provide education programmes for some 2,000 students every year.




International Competitions
Exposure to best practices and world-class skills performance

VTC students are encouraged to take part in competitions worldwide.  These events provide them with abundant opportunities to challenge themselves and benchmark their skills in pursuit of excellence.  Furthermore, our young people can learn from international best practices, stretch their abilities to the limit and develop resilience through such experiences.

Since 1997, VTC students have become an indispensable part of the Hong Kong team participating in the bi-annual WorldSkills Competition, also known as the “Skill Olympics,” the world’s biggest vocational education and skills excellence event, that brings together contestants from 60 countries and regions to compete in a multitude of skill areas. To date, we have garnered two Golds, one Silver, four Bronzes and 39 Medallions for Excellence from the event.




Overseas Student Exchanges
Developing global citizens of the future

Our overseas exchange programmes provide VTC students with a holistic education by exposing them to new skills, global mindsets and perspectives, along with a better understanding of the culture and lifestyle in other countries.  Among them are study projects on trade-specific topics, attachments, cultural trips and semester studies carried out at VTC’s partner institutions in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, the UK, Europe and mainland China.  These international learning experiences bring lifelong benefit to students’ development. Their language skills and learning agility will also be enhanced.

Due to resource constraints, only a limited number of candidates are currently offered the privilege of gaining overseas exposure. It is our target to provide all our students with at least one overseas exchange experience during their tenures with us.




Youth Engagement and Development
Transforming passions into career skills

Personal interest is a driving force that can turn learning into a passion.  Enabling our youths to discover their interests, strengths and aptitudes early will facilitate them to formulate and develop their life goals into a profession.
Aligned with the Chief Executive’s recent Policy Address, which highlights the need for enhancing youth education and support for life planning, VTC plans to line up a series of career planning programmes to acquaint students with the diversified
education and job opportunities available.  Under this initiative, we will provide individualised career and personal development guidance, together with career
taster events, to help them address their personal development and lifelong career progression needs.



Partnership with Industry
Work-integrated learning to increase students’ employability

VTC works closely with industry to develop curricula attuned to the evolving needs of employers.  Apart from this, we are also grateful to the many companies
who have provided workplace learning experiences and scholarships for our students.  While the internship programmes benefit the participants with
valuable pre-employment experience, scholarships offer our students the recognition and financial support in their quest for excellence.
These contributions are vital to our efforts to pass on skills, knowledge and expertise to the next generations and maintain a sustainable pipeline of young talents to support the manpower needs of industry and their continuous growth. We endeavor to take our partnership with industry to a newer level to back their professional advancement and increase our students’ employability.