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VTC is committed to providing quality vocational education and training to nurture professionals required by various industries.  To continue this legacy and ensure the benefits are passed on to the future generations, the Happy Duckie alumni programme has played an active role in raising donations for the VTC Student Development Foundation.  As a part of the fundraising campaign, alumni are called upon to give back to their alma mater in support of the current students on their learning journey.
Passing the torch

Mr Madison Tang, an alumnus who studied at VTC’s various member institutions for 11 years and was among the first batch of graduates of the Higher Certificate evening class, has since secured many professional qualifications as a registered engineer.  Presently, he is the director of a waste treatment firm, and also chairman and adviser to a number of automobile and environmental bodies.  Backed by his outstanding accomplishments, he decided to contribute back to his alma mater in different ways. Besides supporting Happy Duckie event, he also offers scholarship donations for IVE automotive engineering students.  Furthermore, he has taught VTC evening classes for 27 years, through which he made a real difference to students’ lives.
“In the past, I took a slow and painful process to find my career footing.  Now I hope to pass my experiences and knowledge gained to the next generations to help youths to identify their career paths and avoid unnecessary detours.” Madison said.

Mr Felix Choi, a recipient of the annual Young Industrialist Awards of Hong Kong and the VTC Outstanding Alumni Award in 2012, graduated from the VTC Apprenticeship Training Scheme.   After completing his apprenticeship training, he set up an industry mold manufacturing firm, utilising the industrial knowledge and skills he mastered.  He also gave talks to VTC students and actively participated in VTC’s organised industry events.  Felix admitted that he has benefited most from the days of his education in VTC.  When he heard about the Happy Duckie Programme, he threw his support behind it with no hesitation.  “I believe absolutely in the VTC education philosophy and system.  Adding to this is the fact that I benefited from my training with VTC.  Now that I am able to help more students and give my support, hoping that the culture of giving back will become more prevalent and enable more students to benefit.”

Pooling donations for a multiplied impact
Happy Duckie activities included soliciting for donations by phone carried out by VTC students.  This fund-raising campaign also created opportunities for exchange between them and the alumni.  Lam Wan Yee, one of the students involved, received a thank-you card following a donation phone call she made, which left her feeling encouraged and inspired.  “Many of our alumni not only donated generously, but they were also genuinely concerned with our studies and offered us the encouragement we needed to study hard.  After I graduate, I will give back in a similar way.  Even though the sums collected might appear modest at times, donations as low as a hundred dollars could add up to a substantial amount to provide assistance for the many needy students,” she said.