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{ Fong Yun Wah Centre for Elderly Services }

IVE Sha Tin Campus was supported by a generous donation from the Fong’s Family Foundation to procure a range of sophisticated nursing and rehabilitation facilities for teaching purposes.  Leveraging on the advanced facilities and equipment installed, the Fong Yun Wah Centre for Elderly Services was opened in 2013, with the aim of equipping students with professional elderly care skills and expertise on the one hand, while revamping the sector’s professional image on the other.  These efforts are implemented to attract young talents to the elderly care industry and drive its sustained development.
The Centre is equipped with an array of advanced equipment including multifunctional care training manikins, patient monitors with ECG and suction units to provide students with highly simulated training opportunities.  Through the training, students could gain a comprehensive grasp of professional knowledge in elderly care and reinforce their confidence in joining the profession.  Mrs Lorraine Pak, Head of the Department of Child Education and Community Services said: “Training with computer-assisted human simulator in all nursing tasks, such as injection, stoma care and tube feeding, provides students with computerised feedback on their actual performances, so they can practise repeatedly till perfection.  It also helps them develop an understanding of the actual work more quickly.” Chow Kin Hang, a student pursuing a Higher Diploma in Social Services and Community Education, said: “By using a bronchial tube simulation model, we could gain a graphic understanding of the breathing difficulties caused by bronchitis, so that we could tailor an appropriate care solution for the elderly individuals.  The sophisticated and highly simulated environment for practical training not only helps us master the professional expertise required, but also improves our confidence in undertaking professional elderly care work in the future.”
“We look forward to receiving more donations and support to further perfect and expand the Centre’s facilities, in order to nurture more professional talents for this sector and take our professional care services to all levels of the community,” said Lorraine.