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    Activity Highlights Student Societies


    Alistair Harvey Foundation Scholarship 2021/22 by Engineering Department


    Congratulation to Hui Tsz Hin (Kelvin), a year 2 student of Higher Diploma in Aviation from Engineering/IVE(TM), who has successfully obtained the Alistair Harvey Foundation Scholarship in May 2021. This scholarship will fully sponsor student’s tuition fee, term-time accommodation expenses, round trip airfares and maintenance fees for two academic years’ study in UK. It is a very precious opportunity for student Hui to receive the scholarship.
    During the process, student Hui put great efforts and went through several rounds of interview. It could fully recognize his dedication and strong commitment in extra-curricular activities and community services, as well as his excellent academic achievements. We were proud of the hard work of student Hui.
    IVE(TM) has always encouraged and supported students to actively participate in overseas scholarships’ applications. It can enrich students’ learning experiences, enhance their career prospects as well as let them pursue their dreams.

    “Dream To Fly”- STEM activity to explore aviation industry by Engineering Department


    The “Dream To Fly” Competition, a STEM activity with an aim to strengthen the interests of aviation industry for school pupils, was organized successfully by the Department of Engineering of IVE(TM) on 25 January 2019. Various teams from secondary schools have participated the competition which includes three stages: design, build and fly (DBF). Each team used their aviation and fluid mechanics knowledge to make a unique model plane based on their own design and using the materials provided by the Department. All students enjoyed the hands on model building process and were so excited to enter the flight test. Finally, the team from TWGHs Sun Hoi Directors’ College created the farthest flight record of 19.4 metres and won the competition. All pupils and teachers were extremely excited to take part in the competition and looked forward to joining the activity next year.

    WorldSkills Hong Kong Competition 2018 (Mechanical Engineering CAD Trade)


    WorldSkills Hong Kong Competition 2018 (Mechanical Engineering CAD Trade) was co-organized by Vocational Training Council, the Construction Industry Council and the Clothing Industry Training Authority on 1 June 2018 to 2 June 2018 at IVE(TM). It attracted many VTC students and graduates to join. The competition included three parts:
    1. The first part aims to examine the competitors in the application of CAD software. The competitors need to complete several 3D drawings and an assembly drawing.
    2. The second part aims to examine the competitors in the application of computer aided part design. The competitors need to design the missing parts on the assembly and complete the 3D assembly.
    3. The third part aims to examine the competitors in the application of reverse engineering. The competitors need to use the provided tools to analyze the given product and use the measured data to complete the 3D drawing of the product.

    During the competition, all participants performed very well. They totally applied the knowledge from their learning and practice. Although the competition’s duration was long, the competitors still tried their best to complete it. It can show their determination to be the Hong Kong representative.

    Student Awards Presentation 2018


    The Student Awards Presentation Ceremony was successfully held on 25 May 2018 to recognize the achievements of the students. The ceremony also provided a valuable opportunity for the awardees to express their most sincere gratitude to the donors in person. There were total 54 awards being granted to more than 190 awardees for their outstanding performance in academic and non-academic areas. The award was definitely a meaningful encouragement to the awardees and inspires them to excel in their studies.

    BA Department Beijing Study Tour


    30 students from the four higher diploma programmes: Accountancy, Business Administration, Law & Administration and Marketing Management, together with 2 teachers, participated in the Beijing Study Tour during the Christmas holidays from 18 to 22 December 2017. The group visited three corporations, Beijing Hyundai (a joint venture car manufacturing enterprise), Beijing Shunxin Agriculture Co. Ltd and Niulanshan Distillery Factory (food/ wine manufacturing enterprises) from which they learnt about the manufacturing process, management models as well as brand promotion. Furthermore, participants had the opportunities to share cultural experiences when meeting their fellow students in the University of Science and Technology Beijing and Beijing Information Technology College.

    Lastly, students visited the Palace Museum to appreciate the ancient Chinese architecture. 798 Art District, Wangfujing Street and Hutongs were also visited in order to experience the Beijing local lifestyle. Not only did the trip widen student’s exposure, but also deepened their understanding on the culture and development in Beijing.

    IT Department Japan Exchange Tour


    A six-day exchange tour in Japan (Tokyo) has been held from 31 May to 5 June 2016. A total of 16 students from IT/TM joined the tour. During the tour, students visited National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation SUGINAMI Animation Museum. Students also went to Tokyo University to understand the Information Technology development and career prospect of Information Technology and Multimedia in Japan.

    Architectural Sketch Competition 2016

    The Architectural Sketch Competition 2016 organized by the Department of Construction, Tuen Mun IVE was held on 12 March 2016. This annual event has been well received by the Secondary School students among the districts of Tuen Mun, Yuen Long and Tin Shui Wai.

    Participants have enjoyed a fulfilling morning practicing hand-sketching in Tuen Mun IVE campus, with guided tours around the campus building. The event has enhanced the students’ understanding to the programs and facilities offered by the Department of Construction, as well as their interests in architectural sketching.