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    Academic Facilities Campus and Recreation Facilities

    The Model Optical Shop

    The Model Optical Shop is a workshop that is set up to train students in the practice of Ophthalmic Dispensing in a realistic yet simulated commercial environment. The Lab allows students to practice their dispensing skill in a real environment.

    Applied Optics Laboratory

    The Applied Optics Laboratory is one of the showpiece laboratories featuring high-quality instruments for optical testing and measurement. Industry standard facilities including the pulsed lasers and interferometers for handling geometrical optics experiments are also available.

    Optical Fabrication Workshop

    This is a unique facility in Hong Kong and is used for the generation, lapping and polishing of lenses, prisms, and mirrors for both precision optics and ophthalmic products. Polishing machines, blocking equipment, and curve generating machines are available in the workshop to provide an excellent practical training for students.

    Lens Glazing Workshop

    This well equipped laboratory allows the students to hone their skills in lens measurement, centering, edging and final glazing to create the finished product. Over 30 specialized machines are located in this spacious laboratory.

    Professional Development Centre of FHKWTI

    This centre is named after the Federation of Hong Kong Watch Trades and Industries, whose generous support enables this unique facility to operate in both Hong Kong and the region. This centre focuses on watch movement construction, maintenance, and repair. It is well equipped with state of the art machines and affords a splendid learning environment.

    Watch Technology Workshop

    The Watch Technology Workshop is used for practical work on watch cases, movements and manufacturing. By using the precision metrology equipment typically found in the watch industry, students are able to develop skills in watch parts manufacturing and repair.

    CAD /CAM Studio

    The CAD CAM studio features over 40 networked high performance computers all linked through the server to the teachers' station. The lab boasts all the CAD software used in industry, such as AutoCAD, Rhino, JewelCAD, TracePro, Oslo, SolidWorks and so on.

    Precision Control and Instrumentation Laboratory

    The Precision Control and Instrumentation Laboratory is used to train students in the practice and principles of automation, mechatronics and robotics with professional programming. These state of the art machines give students the opportunity to experience real advances in manufacturing engineering and technology across many complimentary disciplines.

    Machine Workshop

    The Machine Workshop is equipped with different kinds of conventional machinery and hand tools, e.g. lathe, drilling machine, hacksaw, and files. It provides the necessary equipment for mechanical workshop skills training as well as the incorporated project works fabrication and assembling of all Higher Diploma courses in the department.

    CAE Workshop

    The CAE workshop of the Engineering Management and Technology Department is a central learning facility for all of the courses. A working knowledge of the principles of CNC machining and modern manufacturing technology is an indispensable skill for today's graduates. This well-equipped workshop area features five 3-axis and 2-axis CNC machines in addition to a host of metrology and computer equipment.

    Electro-optics and Thin Film Science Laboratory

    Two distinct specialisms are available at the Electro-optics and Thin Film Science Laboratory: vacuum coating, thin film preparation and thin film measurement, and Electro-optics featuring fibre optics, lighting technology, and modern LED Technology.

    Applied Mechanics Laboratory

    The Applied Mechanics Laboratory is used to give students practice in engineering measurements such as stress/strain testing in addition to materials science tests and mechanics demonstrations. This laboratory features some traditional equipment complimented by modern opto-mechatronic testing equipment.

    Interactive Media Studio:

    The Interactive Media Studio is equipped with the latest interactive systems for experimenting with creative ideas and interactive applications of modern interactive multimedia. Motion driven visual interactive systems, such as a multi-touch table and a non-touch motion sensing system, are in-place for students to get hands-on skills in creating an augmented reality experience. Animatronics pneumatic robots are installed for automated show control. A versatile aluminum exhibition system is used to provide a flexible structure for students to implement their exhibition designs and interactive media creations.

    3D Animation Studio:

    The 3D Animation studio provides advanced resources for students to master the workflow on stereoscopic AV and computer animation production. The studio is equipped with a stereoscopic projector and a stereoscopic HDTV set for production playback and review. All playback equipment is networked and controlled from a computer array.

    Multimedia Advertising Studio

    Well equipped with software and hardware, the Multimedia Advertising Studio provides a "one stop" hub for students to master the skills for producing multimedia advertising. The studio provides abundant equipment which keeps pace with the industry, including lighting equipment, cranes, and a green screen for chromakey compositing. Within this state-of-the-art learning environment, students are able to familiarize themselves with the knowledge necessary in the multimedia advertising industry, from concept development, film production, digital editing, and visual effects compositing, to animation design.

    Multimedia Entertainment Studio

    The Multimedia Entertainment Studio is equipped with a wide range of innovative audio-visual technologies including lighting boards, intelligent lightings, digital audio mixing consoles, and surround sound systems. With these entertainment systems, students are able to actualize their unlimited creations and visions. Students also have opportunities to explore and experience the latest multimedia technologies and applications in the studio.

    Game Visualisation Centre:

    The Centre supports the teaching and learning in three specific areas:

    1. Game Design and Development – to allow students to experience and analyse different types of computer games for study and research purposes.
    2. Game Visualization System – a large hemispherical display and a six-degree of freedom motion platform are available for the creation of realistic computer-generated 3D environment games.
    3. Game Programming – to facilitate the hands-on training of game design, game programming and game development.

    Jewellery Workshop

    The Jewellery Making Workshop can accommodate 180 students. This workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and instruments that facilitate the students’ practicum in jewellery making and stone setting.

    Jewellery RP Workshop

    With rapid prototyping machines as well as computers with 3D design sketching software in the Jewellery RP Workshop, students can design and make wax and resin molds efficiently.

    Jewellery Casting Workshop

    The Jewellery Casting Workshop is equipped with advanced facilities and equipments such as a vulcanizer, a vacuum wax injector, a high frequency centrifugal casting machine, a vacuum casting machine, and more equipment with which students can practice lost wax casting.

    Language Laboratories

    Audio and video teaching packages available at the language laboratories provide student-centred activities on pronunciation, business communication and other specific language skills training.

    Centre for Independent Language Learning (CILL)

    The Centre for Independent Language Learning creates an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for students to improve their language skills. It offers them independent learning materials such as CD-ROMs, DVDs, books, magazines, and board games. The CILL provides students with a flexible setting for various language learning related activities ranging from workshops and parties to performances and competitions.


    Location: Room B708
    Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5:30 pm
    Enquiry: 3928 2112