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    Our Department is of a multidisciplinary nature and is offering Higher Diploma courses in Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering areas. Our courses are very popular and our graduates easily find jobs or pursue further studies at the university level.

    We adopt a flexible and creative approach to teaching and use various learning methodologies. Students gain knowledge and competence through lectures, small group tutorials, laboratory practices and practical training. During their final year, students take part in industrial placement and industry-based projects which further enhance their practical skills and edge in job hunting upon graduation.

    Students are encouraged to take part in exchange and extra-curricular activities, especially those related to their fields of study to enhance their learning outcomes. For example, our students have been participating with great success in major projects such as Robocon Contest, Solar-powered Vehicle (SOPHIE) and Red Bull Flying competitions.

    Our staff members maintain close relationship with the industry. We believe that staff development is very important and our staff members join professional placement and training as well as various conferences and seminars every year. Through this, our staff regularly update their knowledge and skills for improving the relevance of their teaching and for the benefit of their work with our students.

    Courses Offered:

    Higher Diploma courses (Full-time post-secondary 6 & 7)
    Course Code Course Title
    EG114401 Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering
    EG114701 Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
    EG114704 Higher Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
    EG114705 Higher Diploma in Automotive Engineering
    EG114712 Higher Diploma in Maritime Studies
    EG114714 Higher Diploma in Aviation
    FS113002E Diploma of Foundation Studies (Engineering)


    Part-time (Day) Course
    Course Code Course Title
    EG314701 Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering


    Part-time (Evening) Courses
    Course Code Course Title
    EG524401 Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering
    EG524704 Higher Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
    EG524701 Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering


    Professional Training