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    April 2017

    11 Apr

    New Talents Press releases easy-to-use guide on Kinesio taping technique

    10 Apr

    VTC students and teachers sweep Hong Kong ICT Awards

    March 2017

    23 Mar

    Top performers recognised in VTC Outstanding Apprentices Award Presentation Ceremony

    17 Mar

    VTC students sweep top prizes in Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition

    16 Mar

    New HealthTech Centre raises awareness of community health, strengthens VPET

    06 Mar

    Parents’ Talks offer advice for fostering young people with a positive outlook for challenges ahead

    February 2017

    23 Feb

    VTC showcased innovative STEM teaching and VPET expertise in Education & Careers Expo

    January 2017

    17 Jan

    VTC 35th Anniversary year to set new milestones in vocational and professional education and training

    December 2016

    23 Dec

    Qing Nuptial Dinner reanimated by the Chinese Culinary Institute and Hong Kong Heritage Museum

    22 Dec

    HKDI students shine in international design competitions

    14 Dec

    VTC confers awards on over 20,000 graduates in the VTC Graduation Ceremony

    09 Dec

    THEi confers bachelor degrees on its first cohort of over 300 graduates

    November 2016

    14 Nov

    THEi awarded HK$23 million by Research Grants Council for applied researches on sustainable living

    08 Nov

    HKDI students sweep top three places in eyewear design competition

    07 Nov

    Winners of Best Apprentice Competition 2016 to demonstrate professional vehicle repairing skills

    03 Nov

    THEi / IVE / HKDI / Youth College Info Days Showcasing fruits and the multiple pathways of VPET

    03 Nov

    The VTC statement on Shine Skills Centre

    02 Nov

    The Chinese Culinary Institute (CCI) wins accolades again in two international culinary contests