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    Departmental Facilities

    The department provides access to a campus-wide computer network linking hundreds of PCs and workstations. The department laboratories are housing up-to-date equipment and specialised software for use in teaching and software development projects.


    Cybersecurity Centre


    The Cybersecurity Centre established by the Information Technology Department of Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education currently designed the professional programmes to nurture future IT security professional, and to provide students with the latest cybersecurity knowledge and skills in the industry. Graduates will be able to take positions as Information Security Officers, Network Administrators / Engineers and Network and System Security Engineer.

    Game Development Lab


    This lab provides the one-stop solution for the development of computer games with necessary hardware and 3D gaming software. In addition, students are encouraged to enhance their game concept including character creation, from 3D model design to corresponding 3D printing. Inside the lab, different contemporary game platforms such as VR/AR devices and Arcade game stations are installed which give our students hands-on experiences in more interactive and enjoyable way.

    Artificial Intelligent Lab


    The lab provides a platform for students to learn state-of-the-art practical knowledge in the fields of AI and IoT systems, and to master the techniques to apply AI in IoT data analytics. With the knowledge and techniques learned in the AI and IoT domains, students should be able to explore and apply different intelligent applications in the real world.

    System and Network Administration Laboratory


    This lab is mainly built for project design and implementation. By using our network devices and system applications, students can apply and further enhance their knowledge of systems and network administration in their projects. Usually, these projects would involve the solving of common system infrastructure problems that happen in SME.