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    Academic Facilities

    Campus and Recreation Facilities  

    Learning Resources Centre (LRC)


    With a total floor area of 2,720 m² and a seating capacity of about 430, the LRC houses a huge collection of books, journals, Audio-visual materials and numerous e-journals, e-books and e-databases, in order for users to access to the latest information according to their study needs. It also provides multimedia audiovisual stations, PC workstations, as well as desktop scanners, digital photocopiers, notebook PCs, and webcams. There are open areas at the Ground floor and the 1st floor for group discussions and leisure reading. A study zone is located on the 2nd floor, where the Study Rooms are available for small group studying or meeting purpose.

    Learning Commons


    The Learning Commons is a communal learning hub consisting of get-together areas and collaborative spaces to encourage student-teacher and peer-to-peer interactions, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and project-based learning. It provides you with flexible furniture setup and state-of-the-art computing facilities and AV equipment. There are four colour zones (blue, green, red, and yellow) in the Learning Commons, each equipped with different learning facilities. Some of the highlights include a Recording Studio, a Live Broadcast Studio, and Presentation Rooms. The Recording Studio and Live Broadcast Studio provide a ready-to-go and easy-to-use setting for professional video recording, live broadcast and web conferencing without the need of previous video production experience, while the Presentation Rooms are equipped with interactive projectors and presentation stages for pitching and project presentation.


    Centre For Independent Language Learning


    Located on the ground floor of the campus, the CILL provides students with a spacious and comfortable environment for self-paced English and Chinese language learning. Students can drop in to attend workshops, play board games, watch movies, and make use of the wide array of multimedia resources for language learning according to their needs and interests.


    Various fun-based English workshops and festive events are organised regularly by Project Coordinators who are native English speakers. Teachers from the Language Centre also offer a wide range of workshops in English and Chinese.


    As a whole, the CILL is a welcoming and resourceful place for developing language proficiency.


    Dispensing Training and Pharmaceutical Care Resource Centre

    For the training of dispensing in western medicine and Chinese medicines: 

    • - A large selection of western medicines and Chinese medicines are stocked with computer systems installed for dispensing and labeling of medicines in the simulated dispensary for Chinese Medicine and Western medicine.  Students can acquire practical skills and expertise in dispensary.
    • -Students are required to change into cleanroom suit for practical training in preparation of sterile pharmaceutical products.

    Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Laboratory


    The laboratory is equipped with a complete line of fully integrated manufacturing equipment with the capability of turning raw materials into various dosage forms of finished products. Students can acquire practical skills and expertise in pharmaceutical manufacturers, including quality assurance and GMP practice.

    Training Restaurant


    Customizable facilities for training students in food and beverage operations at all market levels in a wide range of applications, from informal dining to meetings and conferences. Features include integrated electronic point-of-sale systems, audio-visual & lighting equipment and Wi-Fi access.

    Training Kitchens

    Highly flexible training kitchens outfitted with industry-standard equipment suitable for a wide range of international cuisines. There is also a dedicated Asian kitchen featuring “green” induction wok stoves.


    e-Tourism Centre

    A centre for training students in hotel and tourism information systems including hotel property management, air-ticketing as well as virtual tour production etc. It also incorporates an e-Tourism Gallery in which electronic technologies of the tourism industry are displayed and demonstrated.


    Cloud Technology Centre

    The centre was set up in 2012 to support the trainings to students about data centres and related network services.  It integrates HP CloudSystem Matrix, HP Thin Client and VMware View solutions.  It simplifies desktop and application management, with HP and IBM rack mount servers and enterprise graded networking devices for building an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model of Cloud Computing.


    Creative Project Laboratory

    With our LEGO Mindstrom NXT, students can learn how to write some basic programs to control a piece of hardware to work and prepare themselves for future learning in programming.

    System and Network Administration Project Laboratory


    By using our network devices and system applications, students can apply and further enhance their knowledge of systems and network administration in their projects.

    CAD / CAM Laboratory

    The laboratory is equipped with the state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software and hardware which is mainly used for the teaching and learning on CAD/CAM related modules.

    Intelligent Product Design Centre

    A well equipped product design centre for students to develop their own design products. Building of 3D models, rapid prototyping and 3D scanning processes, as well as traditional hand making process can be done in this design centre.

    Automation Laboratory (Computer)


    A well equipped laboratory for students’ training in automation, mechatronics, pneumatics and hydraulics equipment: Programmable Logic Controllers, Servo-controllers, Microcontrollers, software and firmware programming tools. The Laboratory also provides engineering practices in electromechanical technology, electromechanical and electronic design projects, and related activities for international student exchanges with Singapore and Japan. Besides supporting learning and teaching activities, the Laboratory is a selection and training base in preparing candidates to participate in local, regional and world competitions namely Hong Kong Youth Skills Competition, Guangzhou-Hongkong-Macau Youth Skills Competition, WorldSkills Competition and International Abilympics.

    Advanced Machining Processes Workshop

    This workshop has equipped both advanced and traditional machining machines, such as laser cutting machine, EDM machine and CNC wire-cut machine etc., which are common used in Hong Kong manufacturing industries. Students can make their own designed products by adopting these modern manufacturing technologies.

    Food Technology laboratory

    Food Technology laboratory is fully equipped for students to conduct the new food product development and to manufacture trial production. A range of equipment available including freeze-dryer, spray dryer, ultra-heat sterilization systems, wet and dry mill, ice cream maker, can sealing machine and sausage filler. A delicious and high quality of food can be manufactured, such as instant drink mixes, silken tofu, ice cream, sausage and ham etc.