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    The Campus Secretariat works in collaboration with academic departments and other service units to provide efficient and effective administrative services to its stakeholders. It assists the campus management in synthesising student places allocated by disciplines to formulate and implement campus and department course plans; and supports the development and management of the campus manpower and staff development plans in alignment with the strategic direction of the disciplines and the Council. Other core services include:
    overseeing student admissions, registration and students records;
    handling human resources matters from appointments to administration of fringe benefits;
    providing general administrative support for campus operation such as hire of accommodation, duplication and printing;
    organising campus events such as school talk, campus visit and seminar; and developing publicity materials
    Student Awards Presentation Ceremony cum Outstanding Industrial Attachment Scholarships and VTC Design Education Fund Presentation Ceremony 2023

    Student Awards Presentation Ceremony of IVE(Chan Wan and Haking Wong) was held on 18 November 2023 (Saturday) at Wu Jieh Yee Memorial Hall, Chai Wan Campus. Please click to view the details of the Ceremony.