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  • Chai Wan

    Two flexible kitchens which have been designed to permit mobility of equipment layout: one Western, one Asian

    A suite of versatile restaurants and bars with computerized point-of-sale systems

    A sophisticated audio-visual system for destination studies and tour guiding simulations

    A flexible information technology centre with mobile front and back of house furniture and equipment and 24 PCs for student use
    Industry-specific software for ticketing and reservations, front office, food and beverage, back office accounting, sales and catering operations

    Audio Visual Entertainment Studio
    The Studio is equipped with karaoke room, various types of game console, as well as a fully-functional live room and recording studio facilitated with video-shooting equipment and editing software.

    e-Tourism Centre
    The Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art technological features and facilities, such as, a centralized server-controlled computer framework for implementation of specialized industry application software. The e-Tourism Gallery also features state-of-the-art e-Tourism facilities and devices.

    Functional Hotel Front Desk
    This functional facility allows for hands-on practice of front desk operations, including various front desk routines as well as key management system and key lock simulator units.

    Polar/Eco/Cultural Tourism Resources Centre
    The Centre exhibits a collection of Dr Rebecca Lee's pictures, films, books & objects from the three poles: the Artic, Antarctica and Mount Everest.

    Chinese Cuisine Culture Development Centre
    The Centre holds rich resources in regards to Chinese cuisine featuring the evolution and latest development of the culture of Chinese cuisine.