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    13 Apr 2015
    IVE teachers & students winning Gold Prize of
    Best Student Invention Award at Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015

    Teachers and students from the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) have applied their brand new concept and professional knowledge on information technology in competitions winning them the Gold and Bronze Prizes of the Best Student Invention Award (Tertiary and Post-graduate) and the Best Smart Hong Kong Award (Big Data Application) in the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015. Pursuing innovation, teachers and students developed research ideas into practical products, acquiring practical experiences and market knowledge that prepares students well for a career in the industry. 
    Tommy CHAN, Philip WONG, Selina CHIU and Ron TAM are students and graduates of the Higher Diploma in Cloud and Data Centre Administration programme of IVE (Lee Wai Lee). Their brain child “Marking Accelerator” is a system that allows teacher to mark students’ work more efficiently and supervise students’ performance. It also helps the analysis of students’ performance and result distribution through scientific data and machine-enabled learning methods and teachers can fine tune their mode of teaching according to the analysis.
    The innovative work, “Marking Accelerator”, was inspired by the iCloud internet service system. The research team made use of the technology of iCloud to ease the teachers’ problem of time consuming and repetitive work proof reading and data entry. They put focus on iCloud technology and Big Data Services research to do away with the old method of marking students’ homework.  The team believes that not only can the “Marking Accelerator” help shoulder teachers’ workload, but also it contributes to the analysis of student performance.  This is the second year that the Department of Multimedia and Internet Technology won the Gold prize of the Best Student Invention Award (Tertiary and Post-graduate). Both teachers and students found it very encouraging and were proud to receive the prize on stage. Students hope that the experience can contribute to their future career development.
    The Bronze prize winner “Smart Schoolbag” is the innovative work of a team of students from IVE (Tsing Yi) Higher Diploma in Software Engineering programme. A tablet is installed in the schoolbag, which offers the function of automatic verification, reminder and location tracking. Smart schoolbag can check if you have packed all the textbooks in accordance to the timetable.  It also consists of a remote Bluetooth system and a smart bracelet, which alert student to refrain from leaving their schoolbags behind through vibration. Parents can locate their children by the real time global location system and the camera on straps.  The innovative work is also the “Best Student Award: Painting/Articles/Filming Competition” winning project.

    A team of IVE (Sha Tin) students of the Higher Diploma in Mobile Applications Development programme invented the work, “Run Beat”. It was awarded Merit Award of the Best Student Invention Award of the Tertiary and Post-graduate category. “Run Beat” is a training system that combines a virtual set up and a smart wearing device.  Through mock up and real world games, users can run as in the real world. When doing sports, users can make use of the smart bracelet device to check heartbeat, and record the progress through smart phones. The volume of sports can be adjusted with regard to their target.  Both the teachers and students were excited with their victory.

    A team of IVE (Lee Wai Lee) students of the Higher Diploma in Cloud and Centre Administration walked away with “Best Smart Hong Kong Award” Bronze prize.  Their work is named “Hong Kong IT Recruitment Advertisement Scientific Data Research”.  The project aims at analysing different corporate recruitment advertisement through data computation and analysis. This helps students and teachers learn about the manpower needs in the market, which enables them to set a more concrete further study and career goal in the near future.

    Hong Kong ICT Awards was established in 2006, steered by the Government Chief Information Officer, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and organised by 10 industry partners, with a view to establishing an internationally recognised and professional award in communication and information technology.  Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015 has set aside awards for 10 categories.

    The Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) is a member of the VTC Group. The 9 IVE campuses are located across the territory. Together they provide vocational education for secondary graduates as well as people in employment. IVE courses leading to the award of higher diploma and foundation diploma cover various academic disciplines including Applied Science; Business Administration; Childcare, Elderly and Community Services; Design; Information Technology; Engineering; as well as Hotel, Service and Tourism Studies.  

    Website: www.ive.edu.hk

    Media Enquiry:2836 1206

    Teams of IVE winning teachers and students posed with the Guest of Honor Paul CHAN, Secretary for Development
    The “Marking Accelerator” invented by a team of teachers and students of IVE (Lee Wai Lee) won the Gold Prize of the Best Student Invention Award (Tertiary and Post-graduate)
    IVE (Lee Wai Lee) teachers and students from the Department of Information Technology walked away with the “Best Smart Hong Kong Award” Bronze prize (Big Data Application)
    The Smart Schoolbag, invented by a team of students from IVE (Tsing Yi), won the Best Student Invention Award and they hoped that the product can help nurture students to have good practices in packing school bags and to avoid spinal problems