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    Press Releases

    Press Releases
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    December 2019
    Date: Article
    05 Dec 2019 IVE Graduates Win Award with AI-aided “Drone-based Search and Rescue Support System for Extreme Terrains”
    November 2019
    Date: Article
    25 Nov 2019 IVE Jockey Club Heavy Vehicle Emissions Testing and Research Centre launches Blue Sky Education Programme benefitting about 3, 000 students
    20 Nov 2019 Class arrangements of VTC member institutions for the remainder of the semester
    11 Nov 2019 Response on gun shot injury suffered by an IVE (Chai Wan) student (11 Nov)
    11 Nov 2019 All VTC classes/examinations to be cancelled today
    October 2019
    Date: Article
    24 Oct 2019 Hong Kong Team claims a record of 11 prizes in the WorldSkills Competition Showcasing globally-recognised professional level
    17 Oct 2019 VTC's open letter regarding the passing of Youth College student
    15 Oct 2019 Response about the passing of Youth College student (15 Oct)
    July 2019
    Date: Article
    30 Jul 2019 VTC receives donation from Tin Ka Ping Foundation to enrich students’ learning experience
    16 Jul 2019 Hong Kong Delegation vows to deliver their best in upcoming WorldSkills Kazan 2019 at flag presentation ceremony
    10 Jul 2019 VTC Central Admission Scheme welcomes applications by DSE candidates at various campuses
    04 Jul 2019 VTC Central Admission Scheme at various campuses welcomes applications from DSE candidates
    June 2019
    Date: Article
    24 Jun 2019 VTC and Microsoft roll out first ever Employability Pilot Program in Hong Kong Developing work-ready information technology talent
    18 Jun 2019 600 students gather at VTC-ITE International Student Seminar 2019 exploring ways to shape future smart cities
    14 Jun 2019 HKDI & IVE (Lee Wai Lee) - Emerging Design Talents 2019: EVOLVE Students Showcase Their Creativity
    May 2019
    Date: Article
    28 May 2019 Vowing to be pilot and landscape architect serving society Outstanding VTC students awarded scholarships
    15 May 2019 WMG Awards Master’s Degrees and Honours Outstanding Industrialist
    15 May 2019 VTC STEM Education Centre launches School Partnership Scheme, nurturing STEM talent in collaboration with schools and industry
    April 2019
    Date: Article
    30 Apr 2019 VTC Programme Selection Info Day provides one-stop progression information for DSE candidates
    18 Apr 2019 Opening Ceremony of THEi Chai Wan Campus officiated by Chief Executive Carrie LAM
    March 2019
    Date: Article
    30 Mar 2019 Kiddie-Family Moneyland promotes early education on money management
    07 Mar 2019 WorldSkills Hong Kong Competition 2019 opens for application Strive for WorldSkills Competition in Shanghai
    February 2019
    Date: Article
    25 Feb 2019 Vocational Training Council and J.P. Morgan help Hong Kong students advance STEM careers in new talent program
    21 Feb 2019 Youth College Open Days help parents and students experience diversified vocational and professional education and training
    November 2018
    Date: Article
    27 Nov 2018 VTC Symphony Orchestra and Chorus presents “From Russia with Love” Annual Concert to touch the heart of music fans
    06 Nov 2018 Winners of 2018 Best Apprentice Competition to join study trip to Germany
    03 Nov 2018 VTC showcases innovative technological projects in InnoCarnival 2018 to promote smart city development
    October 2018
    Date: Article
    02 Oct 2018 Budding VTC designers join overseas internships and competitions after winning fashion design contests
    September 2018
    Date: Article
    28 Sep 2018 2018 Manpower Update Report of the Media and Communications Industry
    28 Sep 2018 HKDI Gallery Presents World-class Exhibitions Line-up for 2018
    17 Sep 2018 Most VTC member institutions to resume classes tomorrow
    17 Sep 2018 Class suspension of Shine Skills Centre tomorrow
    16 Sep 2018 Day class suspension of all VTC member institutions tomorrow
    16 Sep 2018 Class suspension of Shine Skills Centre tomorrow
    August 2018
    Date: Article
    24 Aug 2018 Launching Ceremony of VPETCity First cross-institutional VPET online sharing platform in Hong Kong
    July 2018
    Date: Article
    26 Jul 2018 WorldSkills Hong Kong Competition 2018 concluded successfully with some 70 skills champions honoured
    April 2018
    Date: Article
    27 Apr 2018 VTC Programme Selection Info Day provides one-stop information on study options and course selection
    January 2018
    Date: Article
    29 Jan 2018 2018 WorldSkills Hong Kong Competition opens for application for WorldSkills Competition in Russia 
    November 2016
    Date: Article
    03 Nov 2016 The VTC statement on Shine Skills Centre
    02 Nov 2016 The Chinese Culinary Institute (CCI) wins accolades again in two international culinary contests
    July 2016
    Date: Article
    13 Jul 2016 VTC Central Admission Scheme opens for DSE candidates
    07 Jul 2016 VTC students awarded The HSBC Vocational Education Scholarship in bonanza for VPET group
    06 Jul 2016 Week-long VTC Central Admission Scheme opens for DSE candidates on day of examination results
    05 Jul 2016 Industry wowed by THEi’s first fashion design graduates at thrilling show
    04 Jul 2016 Business leaders offer career inspiration at DSE Candidates’ Symposium co-organised by VTC and Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
    June 2016
    Date: Article
    28 Jun 2016 Fly High Foundation honours outstanding Youth College students
    16 Jun 2016 VTC students awarded scholarships in ceremony recognising excellence of vocational and professional education and training
    14 Jun 2016 Emerging Design Talents 2016 graduation show is a feast for the senses
    07 Jun 2016 VTC co-organised Worlddidac Asia 2016
    06 Jun 2016 VTC welcomes Government funding of professional part-time programmes
    May 2016
    Date: Article
    19 May 2016 Vocational Training Council part-time-evening and DVE programmes open for application
    18 May 2016 New VTC Newsroom interface provides enhanced user experience
    16 May 2016 IVE IT students shine in mobile game and animation design competitions
    12 May 2016 New Talents Press releases new title: good SHOW A guide for successful event management
    04 May 2016 VTC Programme Selection Info Day
    April 2016
    Date: Article
    26 Apr 2016 Scholarship awardees acknowledge Rotary Hong Kong contribution to vocational and professional education and training
    25 Apr 2016 IVE students clinch Accounting and Business Management Case Competition championship
    14 Apr 2016 Completion ceremony takes place for first cohort of Earn & Learn Pilot Scheme for Retail Industry
    12 Apr 2016 VTC press statement in response to the comments on Earn & Learn Pilot Scheme for Retail Industry
    February 2016
    Date: Article
    22 Feb 2016 VTC kicks off “International Fortnight” broadening global exposure of students and staff
    January 2016
    Date: Article
    29 Jan 2016 Kids go green! Ceremony celebrates success of IVE pilot pre-primary environmental awareness campaign and kicking-off of extended initiative