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    Press Releases

    Press Releases
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    December 2020
    Date: Article
    22 Dec 2020 IVE students and teaching team showcase innovative technological projects at Virtual InnoCarnival 2020 to help community adapt to the new normal
    November 2020
    Date: Article
    23 Nov 2020 Over 140 VTC programmes open for online application starting 27 November 2020
    17 Nov 2020 IVE, HKDI, ICI and THEi Online Info Days to present diversified VPET progression pathways
    06 Nov 2020 VTC confers Honorary Fellowships on six distinguished industry leaders
    October 2020
    Date: Article
    20 Oct 2020 IoT Innovation and Technology Centre Unveiled IVE Engineering Discipline Partners with Industry to Groom IoT Talent
    09 Oct 2020 Innovation & Technology Co-creation Centre Unveiled to Promote Industry Collaboration for Nurturing New Generation of Innovative Tech Talent
    September 2020
    Date: Article
    28 Sep 2020 Top Apprentices Recognised in VTC Outstanding Apprentice Award Presentation Ceremony
    July 2020
    Date: Article
    22 Jul 2020 VTC Online Central Admission welcomes applications from HKDSE candidates
    16 Jul 2020 VTC Online Central Admission welcomes applications from HKDSE candidates
    08 Jul 2020 VTC-HKFYG to co-host Symposium for HKDSE Graduates 2020 (11 July)
    June 2020
    Date: Article
    23 Jun 2020 IVE hosts HealthTech Forum 2020 to promote effective use of technologies to support healthy living for the elderly
    22 Jun 2020 Live VTC Parents’ Programme 2020 to help youngsters prepare for HKDSE results release (27 June)
    09 Jun 2020 IVE Engineering Discipline’s solar-powered car SOPHIE 6s gains international recognition by winning 3rd place in Australia’s World Solar Challenge
    May 2020
    Date: Article
    18 May 2020 VTC Programme Selection Info Day to Host Live Webcast Providing Progression Information and Tips on Programme Choices interactively
    06 May 2020 Hong Kong’s first digital VPET International Conference explores new directions in VPET and skills development
    April 2020
    Date: Article
    28 Apr 2020 2020/21 VTC Programmes from Diploma to Degree Levels Apply on or before 30 May will have the chance to get conditional offer(s) in early June
    November 2016
    Date: Article
    03 Nov 2016 The VTC statement on Shine Skills Centre
    02 Nov 2016 The Chinese Culinary Institute (CCI) wins accolades again in two international culinary contests
    July 2016
    Date: Article
    13 Jul 2016 VTC Central Admission Scheme opens for DSE candidates
    07 Jul 2016 VTC students awarded The HSBC Vocational Education Scholarship in bonanza for VPET group
    06 Jul 2016 Week-long VTC Central Admission Scheme opens for DSE candidates on day of examination results
    05 Jul 2016 Industry wowed by THEi’s first fashion design graduates at thrilling show
    04 Jul 2016 Business leaders offer career inspiration at DSE Candidates’ Symposium co-organised by VTC and Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
    June 2016
    Date: Article
    28 Jun 2016 Fly High Foundation honours outstanding Youth College students
    16 Jun 2016 VTC students awarded scholarships in ceremony recognising excellence of vocational and professional education and training
    14 Jun 2016 Emerging Design Talents 2016 graduation show is a feast for the senses
    07 Jun 2016 VTC co-organised Worlddidac Asia 2016
    06 Jun 2016 VTC welcomes Government funding of professional part-time programmes
    May 2016
    Date: Article
    19 May 2016 Vocational Training Council part-time-evening and DVE programmes open for application
    18 May 2016 New VTC Newsroom interface provides enhanced user experience
    16 May 2016 IVE IT students shine in mobile game and animation design competitions
    12 May 2016 New Talents Press releases new title: good SHOW A guide for successful event management
    04 May 2016 VTC Programme Selection Info Day
    April 2016
    Date: Article
    26 Apr 2016 Scholarship awardees acknowledge Rotary Hong Kong contribution to vocational and professional education and training
    25 Apr 2016 IVE students clinch Accounting and Business Management Case Competition championship
    14 Apr 2016 Completion ceremony takes place for first cohort of Earn & Learn Pilot Scheme for Retail Industry
    12 Apr 2016 VTC press statement in response to the comments on Earn & Learn Pilot Scheme for Retail Industry
    February 2016
    Date: Article
    22 Feb 2016 VTC kicks off “International Fortnight” broadening global exposure of students and staff
    January 2016
    Date: Article
    29 Jan 2016 Kids go green! Ceremony celebrates success of IVE pilot pre-primary environmental awareness campaign and kicking-off of extended initiative