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    Press Releases

    12 May 2016
    New Talents Press releases new title: good SHOW
    A guide for successful event management

    Event management is a huge growth area which requires professional experience and offers potentially massive rewards to those who can find the winning formula in this highly competitive industry.

    To realise this opportunity and guarantee successful events, however, organisers need a comprehensive range of hard and soft skill sets, taking in idea conception, activity planning, marketing strategy, financial budgeting, risk assessment and responsiveness to unforeseen scenarios.

    A new book, ‘good SHOW’, co-authored by a seasoned general manager with 30 years of industry experience in an event management organisation alongside Dr John CHING, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Business Administration of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) Kwai Chung campus, now offers the definitive guide to this rapidly growing sector. Addressing 16 common issues, illustrated with more than 20 case studies as well as related theories, the guide provides readers with the key information required to become a professional event manager.

    The handpicked cases include a seemingly impossible situation in which over 10,000 music fans needed to be taken to an outdoor performance venue via a highway without any crossings in time for a huge show featuring Canto-pop king Jacky CHEUNG and another renowned Taiwanese singer. Meanwhile in 2014, another challenge involved coordinating pontoons and 50-tonne cranes used to transport goods and materials within 60 containers for the timely opening of the world premiere in Hong Kong of the film ”Transformer IV”.

    Other highlights include:
    2009 Opening Ceremony of East Asian Games
    2007 Pop Rock Party
    2005 Hong Kong International Film Festival
    2004 30-Hour Famine
    2003 Strato-Fantasia

    Founded in 2007 under the Vocational Training Council (VTC), New Talents Press publishes academic as well as popular literature of quality and diversity to broaden frontiers of knowledge and champion creativity. The website of New Talents Press: http://newtalents.vtc.edu.hk

    Media enquires: 2836 1047 / 2836 1869
    The new book ‘good SHOW’ released by New Talents Press merges case analysis with related theoretical framework to provide readers with a comprehensive grasp of event management and the rationale behind it