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    24 Apr 2015
    HKDI graduate’s short film to be featured at
    the Festival de Cannes Short Film Corner

    The brain child “GONG PIU” of WONG Tin-Shing, graduate of the Higher Diploma in Film and Television of the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) is commendable as it is selected for presentation at the Short Film Corner of Festival de Cannes. “GONG PIU” is among one of the 21 Hong Kong original short films to be presented at the Festival after rigorous screening.
    “GONG PIU” is written and directed by Tin-Shing. The main character Sze-Man is facing a dilemma when she participates in an inter-school debate. She is working on the negative side of the theme “Hong Kong Government should allow Mainland Chinese to emigrate to Hong Kong” while she is a secret cross-boundary student living in Shenzhen who tries to reside in Hong Kong.
    “GONG PIU” was previously awarded The Best Script at the 2014 Fresh Wave-International Short Film Festival, organised by the Hong Kong Art Development Council. The judges commended GONG PIU for its good story structure and outstanding characters with subject matter closely tied with current social issues.
    Tin-Shing was first exposed to film making when he was in secondary school and has since been hooked. After graduation, he chose to study the HKDI Higher Diploma in Film and Television programme. Tin-Shing discovered his interest in storytelling and was keen on films that reflect current affairs. His interest gradually shifted from photo taking to script writing and directing as such, he took up related modules of the Higher Diploma programme. “Thanks to all the encouragement and inspiration given me by 4 teachers who taught with their own examples, I was able to experience the importance of creativity, uniqueness and professional skills and technology to film and television. I am glad that my work can be screened at the Short Film Corner of Festival de Cannes, which broadens my horizon” said Tin-Shing. 
    Tin-Shing is now studying a top-up degree, Birmingham City University BA (Hons) Visual Communication (Moving Image), offered by the School for Higher and Professional Education (SHAPE) in collaboration with Birmingham City University.  He will be graduating this year.
     Festival de Cannes will be launched from 13 to 24 May at Paris and the Short Film Corner will feature more than 2,000 original short films of over ninety countries and cities. The themes of the works are diversified including comics, social, environmental protection, youth and horror.
    The Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) is a member of VTC Group. HKDI was established in 2007 with the mission to be a leading provider of design education and lifelong learning. It brings together the strengths of design departments of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) to encourage synergy and interdisciplinary thinking in its broad range of design programmes. HKDI maintains a strong network with industry and provides its students with essential practical experience enriched with cultural sensitivities and sustainability. The campus in Tiu Keng Leng provides a creative, inspiring and vibrant learning environment for students. 
    Website: www.hkdi.edu.hk
    The School for Higher And Professional Education (SHAPE) is a member of VTC Group. SHAPE was established in September 2003 to provide further study opportunities to Higher Diploma graduates and other sub-degree holders. Full-time and part-time top-up degree programmes are offered locally in collaboration with internationally renowned local and overseas universities and students can normally complete their programmes within one to two years.  SHAPE has now established collaboration with 12 local and overseas universities offering more than 50 top-up degree programmes.
    Website: www.shape.edu.hk
    Media Enquiry:2836 1869 / 2836 1046                                  
    HKDI graduate WONG Tin-Shing was excited that his brain child GONG PIU is to be featured at the Short Film Corner of Festival de Cannes
    Snapshots of GONG PIU both written and directed by WONG Tin-Shing
    Snapshots of GONG PIU both written and directed by WONG Tin-Shing