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    The 5th International Symposium on Technology for Sustainability (ISTS), Malaysia

    The international symposium is jointly organized by Institute of National Colleges of Technology, Japan (INCT) and Universiti Teknologi Mara, Malaysia. Professionals, scholars and students from Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan as well as Hong Kong have participated and exchanged their learning and experiences in the area of technical sustainability

    Exchagne programme with Kitakyushu NIT, Japan

    A student exchange programme organised by our department and Kitakyushu National College of Technology (KNCT). The main objectives of this programme are to promote academic and cultural exchange as well as to improve students’ technical communication ability.

    Exchagne programme with Kumamoto NIT, Japan

    Students joined the exchange programme in Kumamoto National College of Technolgy (KNCT). Apart from technical sharing with local students, they also visited Kyushu landmarks to understand Japan cultural and history.

    Harbin Student Exchange, China

    Students paid a visit to the Harbin to have a better understanding of recent development in China.

    Exchagne programme with Kumamoto NIT, Japan

    Cultural exchange with Hong Kong and Japanese students was organized in Kumamoto. It was a golden chance for them to meet people with different cultural background and they gained a lot from it.